EvoCustoms 13x24" Desert Hauler Trailer

Perfect for hauling short course trucks, trophy trucks, crawlers, trail rigs, and much more. 100% functional and usable.


  • Trailer surface: 13x24" - made to fit axial score and losi baja rey rc trophy trucks

  • Pivot style suspension with 10/24" stub axles - meaning no axle tubes to get hung up on rocks

  • Black diamond plate upper for toughness and ideal tire traction when loading and unloading

  • Includes 4x method style 1.55 wheels and rc4wd tires

  • 4x tie down eye-bolts

  • Removable rear trailer ramps

  • Functional front jack

  • Paint color chosen by customer, or it can be left raw for powder coating

  • Customs sizes are available upon request

EvoCustoms Desert Hauler Trailer

Trailers starting at $400

This model was made previously.


The hauler trailer for sale will not feature side rails to reduce weight and ease of loading.